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In Collaboration With...
The Michigan Space Grant Consortium
A Member of the NASA National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program” - http://www.engin.umich.edu/dept/aero/msgc/index.html
Sally Ride's Toy Challenge Program
For more informaiton please visit http://www.toychallenge.com
BioServe Space Technologies
For more information visit http://www.colorado.edu/engineering/BioServe
What is a Sponsor?
A sponsor is an entity that provides financial support to the OQ Program.
What is a Partner?
A partner is an entity that demonstrates a commitment to the OQ Program through activities that may include active involvement, in-kind assistance, and/or financial support.
What is a Collaborator?
A Collaborator is an independent entity that, with OQ, maintains a relationship of “Mutual Endorsement and, where appropriate, mutual support.”
Why Support Orion's Quest?
* Reach the next Generation…
• Encourage “Educational Excellence”
• Community Outreach
• Social Responsibility
• Make a difference!